We manufacture products by means of the outstanding technique of processing as well as know-how, in order to provide high-quality functional parts for the automobile industry.

Since founded in 1955, RIKENKAKICas a comprehensive manufacturer, has been supplying, automotive parts, focusing on functional parts. Today, our name is highly trusted in the industry because our plants are featured to integrate production lines that can produce world's top ranking products in terms of the "quality, cost, development and delivery," and because we put high-tech computers to full use to develop our products. ln the future, we will fully equip our overseas facilities to build up the supply system in consideration of the global market.

Headquarter/Main plant

Obtained Patents
National Patent 35
(including 16 pending patents)
International Patent 37
(including 34 pending patents)
Uitility Model Right 0
Design Right 2

Hinge Assy Line

Press shop

Machining Lines