We manufacture various productsC making use of development and production techniques we haveacquired through manufacture of motorcyde and automobile related partsCunder strict quality control.
Live Monitoring & Security System
<Live Monitoring & Security System>
Industrial apparatus
Our proprietary lT technology based system, Live Monitoring & Security SystemCis widely used for anticrime measures, security, monitoring, and livecoverage.

Our product lineup includes a wide variety of static electricity removal equipment, which is used to eliminate static electricityCand which is in action in many facilities such as precision parts factories and printing factories.

ln addition to those products above, we manufacture various products such as pedestals/floor bases for the OA floor, construction work tools, and electronic piano parts using ourdevelopment and production techniques.
<Electrostatic removal line>
<Static electricity removal equipment>
<Lifter> <Hikker>
<Transmitting device>
<Electrostatic removal goods>